Thursday, August 26, 2010

11th day of Ramadan in Jerusalem

Saturday, August 21, 2010
11th day of Ramadan in Jerusalem
There were about eight Muslims in the conference and we got together the night before and decided to have the Sahri (suhoor) pre-dawn meal at the dining room.

The Chef arranged for the meal at 3:30 Am and the following members joined in; Imam Abdullah Hasselhoff, Dawood Asad, Myself, Imam Jensen and Claudia, the Chef was delighted to fix the meal and he joined in for the fast and arranged the prayer rug at the dining room. He was really excited.

Iftaar was again at the same dining room with great food to relish. The Mediterrenean/ Palistinian foods and veggies are a treat coupled with fresh fruits.

Imam Hasselhoff warned me not to eat the fish as I would get thirsty, and he was darn right, it was a tough day, very tough day as we travelled over to Jerusalem, climbing the hills and walking the town... around 4:00 PM my lips literraly closed and could not open my mouth and started counting the minutes for the next 150 Minutes... Heck, the taste of the fish was worth putting up with thirst.

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