Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan Humor

Two Guys were lost in the Sahara desert .
One is David, the other is Michael .

They were dying of hunger and thirst when they suddenly came upon an oasis, with what looked like an emirate with a mosque in the middle .

David said to Michael : "Look,let's pretend we are Muslims, otherwise we'll not get any food or drink. I am going to call myself "Mohammed."

Michael refused to change his name , he said :" My name is Michael , and I will not pretend to be other than but what I am . ...Michael."

The Imam of the mosque received both well and asked about their names .
David said : "My name is Mohammed ."
Michael said : "My name is Michael. "

The Imam turned to the helpers of the mosque and said :
" Please bring some food and water for Michael only ."

Then he turned to the other and said :
Salaams Mohammed , Ramadaan Mubarak.

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Mike Ghouse said...

Thank you for posting your comment,please keep it to Ramadan exclusively.