Friday, August 27, 2010

Iftaar food

Most of us go to the Mosques for iftaar (for breaking the fast) out of sheer feeling of a sense of community, food is secondary.

Most of this Ramadan, I have been visiting one mosque or the other, the food was great in general with a few exceptions; the food served seems to be something one dumps on the needy and not feed personal friends.

What is the need to serve food? If you are going to serve, serve it right, let it be out of love rather than for earning the elusive brownie points. In reality the love smothered food actually buoys one up than the dumped food. God knows and God sees it all, more than God you are accepting less than the deserved joy.

The best alternative is to serve dates, fruits and water. I would rather go and eat out as I have done frequently than share the meal that is less than good.

Mike Ghouse

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