Thursday, August 26, 2010

12th day of Ramadan at Bukhari house

12th day of Ramadan at Bukhari house
Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sheikh Aziz Bukhari passed away in May 2010, he was an Ambassador for Peace and became my friend at the Parliament of world’s religions in Melbourne, Australia in December 2009.

Aziz Bukhari is the great, great great grand son of Imam Bukhari, the compiler of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) called Hadiths.

He is buried along with his father and his father...going back to 900 years of heritage, his house is about 1200 years old house with the Masoleum next door.

She fixed the traditional "sehri meal" and the bread was smothered with olive oil and nuts browned over the hot plate. It reminded me of my Sehri at my Mom's house. The lentil soup was delicious, it reminded me of the best lentil soup at Fair Park in Dallas and Mavalli Tiffin Room in Bangalore.

I had quite an interaction with him at the Flag ceremony in Melbourne. His wife had arranged for Suhoor (pre-dawn food intake for fasting) at her house, nearly 1200 year old house on Via Dolorosa.

He had told me about the original manuscripts he had, and lo and behold, some of it was on display at his house. Aziz belongs to the Nakshbandi order of Sufi tradition of Islam.

Their daughter Danial was just a pretty girl and affecationate, calling every one Uncle like they do it among Desi kids.

I was saddened thinking about her future in Palestine/ Israel, though she is a citizen of Israel, the discrimintory practices of Israeli government are shameful, it is almost like the way African Americans were treated in the US in the fifties. They are pushed around and humiliated and degraded in their own land, like the native Americans were treated in their own land. May God give give guts to the moderate Israelis to bring justice to all, for justice is the only thing that brings peace and security to every one in the region.

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